Cameron Studios

Cameron Studios partners with industry leaders to realize their vision. By integrating their brilliant ideas with our distinctive creative and editorial expertise, we broaden the possibilities in unexpected and delightful ways.

Cameron Studios is the Art and Licensing division of Cameron + Company, responsible for managing the multiple media properties owned or represented by Cameron + Company, the overall branding and design of Cameron’s properties, the production of all film/TV/animation projects, as well as the acquisition of new media content. Cameron Studios also offers book design and packaging services for publishers.

VP of Creative Iain Morris heads up Cameron Studios where he art directs each and every design project and manages the design team. Morris' career in book design and licensing spans almost twenty years, working for publishers (Dorling Kindersley, Insight Editions), movie studios (Lucas Film, DreamWorks, Sony, Disney), and other media companies (Charles Schulz).


Send us a note at info@cameronbooks.com if you are interested in having Cameron Studios design your next project.